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Use Routine Dog Grooming Services To Keep Your Dog Healthy

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Keeping your dog healthy is something you can accomplish through food, water, exercise, shelter, and stimulation. Bringing your dog to a veterinarian for an annual health checkup can help detect many health concerns or problems. Another thing you can do is get routine grooming services for your dog because a professional can provide a few valuable services.

Anal Glands

A common service that serves as part of the preparation before grooming is anal gland expression. This step will help your dog feel more comfortable, especially if you notice it scooting around on its behind. Routine grooming will help you avoid problems including impaction and infection, both of which are painful and may require eventual veterinary care.

While you can learn to do this process on your own, you might feel better about it being in professional hands. This may be especially true when it causes discomfort to your dog.


Another important part of keeping your dog healthy is brushing and cleaning its teeth. A smart move is to brush your dog's teeth regularly at home. However, whether you are unable to do so or cannot do a thorough job, you can look forward to a groomer brushing your dog's teeth.

Occasional brushing will positively impact your dog's health. Some dogs naturally have a clean and healthy mouth, and brushing can keep it looking extra clean.


Dog ears will become dirty and oily over time, and this process will happen faster when your dog spends a lot of time outside. Cleaning the dirt and oil helps prevent excessive buildup, which can eventually turn into an infection that requires taking antibiotics to resolve.

When your dog's ears sit so you cannot see inside, you might not remember to check them often. Also, your dog might feel sensitive about being touched by the ears. A groomer will use their experience, equipment, and skills to clean your dog's ears safely and effectively.


Nails that grow extra long may begin to curl and cause discomfort for your dog. Going on regular walks on concrete or pavement can help to file the nails down naturally. However, you might stay inside more often during extreme temperatures throughout summer and winter. A dog groomer will safely file your dog's nails extra short to last longer than a regular trim.

Getting routine dog grooming services can make a noticeable impact on maintaining your dog's health. 

Contact a local dog groomer for more information.