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Bully Puppies: Are They Ideal Apartment Pups?

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If you're thinking about bully puppies and you live in an apartment, then it's time to explore more about this breed. Actually known as the pit bull terrier, this breed is often referred to as bully, and is known for its sweet disposition, intelligence, and family-protective tendencies.

Before thinking about going to a bully puppy kennel to get a new dog for your home, consider if this breed is appropriate for apartment dwelling. This is based on apartment breed allowance policies, the energy levels of bully puppies and adult dogs, and other factors.

The policies where you live

Unfortunately, the pit bull breed doesn't always have the most stellar reputation, and some apartment complexes and other housing structures don't allow this type of breed, along with other breeds like Dobermans or Rottweilers. If your apartment complex doesn't have a breed restriction on dogs, then consider the weight restriction that may apply to apartment dogs. Some bully puppies can reach up to 90 pounds, while others are much closer to 30 pounds.

If bully puppies are allowed where you live, then consider a bully puppy kennel that breeds smaller bullies. A smaller dog can be easier to control and can also make apartment living that much easier, particularly if you live in a studio or single bedroom apartment.

The proximity to a dog park

Bully puppies need to be socialized at an early age to other people and dogs and are known to be gregarious and active dogs. You need to have access to a nearby park or other parks that allows dogs if you are to bring bully puppies to your home. This way, your new pet is happy and thriving and you don't come home to a trashed apartment at the end of the day.

The knowledge of the breed

While the pit bull terrier is known for its friendliness and patience with children and smaller pets, if trained correctly, this breed is also associated with its strength and especially strong jaws. You should have more advanced knowledge of the pit bull breed before you consider taking bully puppies into your home.

If you have had bully puppies in the past and would like to get one again, then now is a good time to start exploring the best bully puppy kennel in your area to get a new pit bull for your apartment companion. Remember, you need to not only give your new bully pup attention and time but veterinary care and exercise as well to keep them happy and healthy for life. To learn more, contact a bully puppy kennel.