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What To Expect After Your Pet Gets Vaccinated

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When you take your pet in to your veterinarian's office to get their scheduled vaccinations, it is important that you are aware of the side effects that your pet may experience after being vaccinated so that you are prepared to respond properly.


When your pet is given a shot, they may feel some discomfort at the area where they received the shot. For example, if your pet got a shot in their back right leg, you may see they favor their other leg and not put a lot of pressure on the leg where they got the shot. It is common for your pet to experience a little discomfort and even slight swelling at the injection site.


Sometimes, following a vaccination, your pet may get a slight fever. This is a common reaction as your pet's body absorbs the vaccination into their body.

Decreased Appetite

Depending on the type of vaccination that your pet got, they may not feel like eating when they get home. Do not be surprised if your pet does not want to eat in the day following their vaccination; however, if their appetite seems to be impaired for multiple days, you may want to talk to your vet.

Decrease In Energy

When your pet gets a vaccination, it may cause your pet to experience a decrease in energy for a day or so. You may notice your pet sleeping and laying around more, and they may not be as interested in going out to exercise. However, after a day or so, their energy levels should pick up again.

Allergic Reactions

Finally, you need to make sure that you are aware of all the signs of an allergic reaction that your pet may experience when they get a vaccination. Allergic reactions to vaccinations in pets are very rare, but they do occur. When pets have an allergic reaction to a vacation, instead of just swollen skin around the injection site, you may notice hives or bumps around the area where the shot was administered. Your pet may experience swelling well away from the injection site, around their neck and face. They may start to vomit and experience diarrhea without any sign of relief. They may have a difficult time breathing and may even collapse.

If you see any of the signs of an allergic reaction, you need to get on the phone with your vet right away and seek medical assistance, such as from animal hospitals, like TLC First Animal Hospital.