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Gestures To Honor The Loss Of A Loved One's Pet

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If you've ever owned a pet of any type, you'll know the sorrow that is commonly experienced when a family pet passes away. When a loved one informs you that his or her pet has died, sending a sympathy card is just the beginning. To truly offer your support and show that you understand the key role that the pet played in the person's life, there are some other thoughtful gestures that you can make during this sorrowful occasion. Here are some ideas of how to honor the person's pet.

Make A Donation To A Pet Charity

There are many worthwhile charities, including local, statewide and national, that work hard to protect animals and give them a better life. Use the Internet to seek out and identify a charity of this nature, and then consider making a donation. Many pet charities not only accept donations, but often also allow you to donate in memory of a specific animal that has passed away. The nice thing about taking this approach is that you can fill in the name of the pet and the name of your loved one. He or she will then get a greeting card in the mail saying that a financial donation in memory of the deceased pet has been made by you, which truly shows that you care.

Put Together A Photo Book

If you're able to gain access to a number of your friend's photos of the pet, you can find a service online that allows you to make custom photo books, and build a book to be delivered to your loved one. Outright asking for photos will raise suspicion, so it's a better idea to browse the person's social media accounts; in many cases, he or she will have uploaded numerous photos of the pet to these accounts, and you'll be able to download them until you have enough for a small book, or even a larger coffee table book.

Get Some Coasters Made

Many online companies will take images and place them on coasters, which is another ideal way to memorialize the loss of a pet. Some companies simply print copies of photos that you upload online onto standard plastic coasters, but others will use stone coasters and essentially mount decal-style images of the pet onto the stone, which creates a unique effect. Having coasters featuring the pet's likeness will allow your loved one to see the pet and think of it every day.

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