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Tips For Removing Skunk Odor From Inside Your Vacation Cabin

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When you are excited about spending a week at your vacation cabin, skunks are probably the last thing you are thinking about. If you arrive at your cabin and open the door to find a skunk has been living in your cabin while you were gone, you will know right away. You may end up renting a room at the nearest hotel for the night so you can spend your first day of vacation cleaning the cabin. Follow these tips for cleaning up your cabin so you will never know the skunk was there.

Open All The Windows And Doors First

Opening all the windows and doors is the first step you will need to take when cleaning up after a skunk. If you have box fans, setting them in the windows and doors blowing out is a good idea. Be sure to turn on all the ceiling fans in your cabin to help move the smelly air outdoors. If you have pets, make sure to put them out right away because the scent of a skunk will stick to their fur if they laid anywhere the skunk spray was in your cabin. Once you get the cabin done, washing pets before bringing them back in is advised.

Locate The Area With The Strongest Odor

Finding the spot in your cabin where the skunk may have been standing when it sprayed is challenging, and also the worst part of the job. Walk around every area in the cabin, one room at a time to locate the area that seems to have the strongest aroma. Once you find it, you will know. If this area has carpeting or other fabric like bedding or furniture, the smell with adhere to them. Cleaning this area first is the best way to start, using a cleanser of vinegar and water. Remember to use the hottest water you can because skunk spray is oily and hard to remove using cold water.

Take Out And Replace Heating And Air Conditioner Filters

Remove the filter from your air conditioner unit before you turn it on after a skunk incident. If you turn on your heating/cooling system and leave in the same filter, your whole cabin will smell like the skunk spray again. It is best to buy replacement filters before you begin cleaning. Go ahead and take out the old ones and do not put the new ones in until you are finished cleaning the rest of the cabin.

While you may be anxious to start your cabin vacation immediately once you've cleaned up after a skunk, you should be aware that the skunk could still be around. Contacting local wildlife removal services to make sure you do not have an up close and personal encounter with a skunk is a good idea before starting your vacation.