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3 Things You Should Know Before Buying Saltwater Fish

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Beautiful aquatic scenery and brightly colored fish—a saltwater aquarium is a lovely inclusion in any interior space. But as alluring as the thought is to get a saltwater aquarium and fill it with fish, this is no decision to be taken lightly. There are certain things you should know about these aquariums before you make the decision to set one up, but more specifically, there are things you should know about taking care of saltwater fish. Read More»

Kitten Got Fleas? Here's Why It's Such A Dangerous Situation

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Whether you’ve adopted a kitten recently or simply found one alone on the streets, you should know that fleas are a big deal. While fleas on an adult cat is something that no pet owner wants their precious kitty to go through, fleas are typically a nuisance that only holds a slight danger of becoming a major health problem for adult cats. For kittens, however, it’s entirely different. Here’s why you should take action right away if your cat has fleas and some ideas on what you should do about it. Read More»