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FAQs About Wheaten Terrier Poodles

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Poodle crosses are becoming more and more common in the dog world. Aussiedoodles and goldendoodles have been popular for a while, but now, breeders are creating other crosses. One that you may see is a Wheaten terrier poodle, also known as a Whoodle. Many people absolutely love Whoodles, and if you're considering one yourself, then you may want to know what all the hype is about. Review these FAQs about wheaten terrier poodles, and you'll learn a bit more.

What are these dogs' personalities like?

If you're someone who chooses dogs for their personalities, then you may really like a Whoodle. Both Wheaten terriers and poodles are breeds that have lived alongside humans as working dogs for many, many years. As such, both breeds are known to be friendly, loyal companions. Cross them, and you get the Whoodle — a really loving, kind, friendly dog. These dogs will always be at your feet, by your side, and blooming with affection. They tend to be almost as friendly with strangers as they are with their owners.

What are their coats like?

Wheaten terrier poodle crosses tend to have long coats, but there's also a lot of variety in the coat between dogs. Some get more genetics from their poodle parents and end up with really curly coats. Others stick closer to the Wheaten terrier side and have straighter coats. Even in one litter, some puppies can be really curly, while others are straight. This is why it's fun to pick your own Whoodle from a litter; you can choose the type of coat you prefer. As far as colors go, the options are seemingly endless. Whoodles can be white, black, brown, honey, silver, cream, red, or even champagne.

How much energy do Whoodles have?

Quite a lot. Some dogs are more energetic than others, but this does tend to be a high-energy hybrid breed. As such, most people who bring home Whoodles have fenced-in yards, or they live near a dog park where they can let the dog go run a few times per week. Whoodles don't do very well in small apartments because they need space to run and play. They're easy to train, but they can get a little mischievous if they're not getting enough exercise.

Wheaten terrier poodles are definitely an interesting cross. If you have space, don't mind a long-haired dog, and want a really friendly pup, this could be the right crossbreed for you.

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