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Are You Traveling Internationally For The First Time? 3 Tips To Prepare Your Pup For Boarding

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International travel requires careful planning to make sure that your favorite canine has a safe place to stay. While you know that you've found the perfect pet boarding services, you may also be worried about how your dog will handle you being away. As you get ready for your trip, use these tips to prepare your pup for boarding so that you can get on your flight with confidence that your dog will be healthy and happy until you return.

Schedule a Pre-Boarding Checkup

Pet boarding facilities often have guidelines in place to prevent illnesses from being transferred in the kennel. For instance, your dog may be required to have certain vaccinations before they are allowed to stay overnight. During a pre-boarding checkup, the veterinarian can give any needed vaccinations, and they can check for health conditions that might pose a problem while you are away. If your dog currently takes medications, this is also an ideal time to make sure that you have enough to cover their needs during their stay at the kennel.

Choose an Emergency Contact Person

While your dog will most likely be enjoying their luxurious stay at the boarding kennel, you do want to plan for emergencies. Make sure to identify a responsible person that can be reached quickly if your dog experiences unexpected health problems while you are out of the country, and provide the boarding staff with that person's name and contact information. You may also want to give your emergency contact person special instructions for how to handle an emergency right away, such as how to get to the kennel.

Consider a Short Trial Run

If this is your dog's first time being boarded, you may want to give them a chance to get used to the facility. Make arrangements to bring your dog for a short visit. If possible, you might want to try out an overnight stay to see how your dog does without you present. If time does not permit this, then ask to bring your dog to the facility to meet the staff. Giving your dog a chance to familiarize themselves with the new environment helps them feel right at home when it's time for their longer stay.

When you are out of the country, you need to know that your dog is in a trusted boarding facility with everything they need to stay safe and comfortable. Now that you know how to prepare your dog for their stay, you can plan your trip with confidence that your dog will also be treated to a vacation while you travel internationally. For more information on pet boarding, contact companies like Animal Care Center of Forest Park.